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commercial production


Commercial Productions

  • Broadcast and Cable Spot Production

  • Broadcast and Online Radio Production

  • Online Video Production and Aggregation

  • Photography

  • Scripting

  • Voice Over

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Content is king but video reigns supreme. Video is by far the most impactful medium in the advertising arsenal as it combines sight, sound, and motion to invoke an emotional response from your viewers. We’ve seen the steady rise of video across social media platforms, like YouTube, Tik-Tok, and Instagram, but featuring video on your website is also wildly important for your search rankings. Research shows that having a video on your landing page makes it 54% more likely to show up on the first page of search engines.


Our in-house production crew will work with you from beginning to end, creating a visual masterpiece that tells the unique story of your brand. Once we have a finished piece that you absolutely love, our marketing professionals will coordinate the placement of this video on your website, social media, and television to effectively reach your target demographic. Ready to see your brand on the big screen? (or the little screen!) Call FWD today.


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